Outdoor Billboard Advertising: Placed throughout the Phoenix Metro area, 19-22 locations to be exact. Billboard advertising raises brand awareness much like television, commuters on their way into the office gain familiarity with the Super Bowl commercial campaign.

Geo-Marketing and Digital Advertising: These banner ads are mobile centric and drivers pass by them they are targeted for re-marketing measures. Geo-Targeting is a cost effective banner criteria and reminds potential customers about the outdoor campaign initiatives.


“What if your money could be about dreams?” This is the message Arizona Federal Credit Union wanted to present by showing the story of a hospital janitor thinking outside of the box and making someone else’s dream come true. Arizona Federal reached out to Epic Productions to bring this meaningful message to life through video for a Super Bowl 50 commercial. For the second year in a row, Epic Productions has brought Arizona Federal’s vision from paper to reality and has appealed to hundreds and thousands of potential customers for the future.
Four days and six locations all being produced within the Phoenix Metro area, we were able to share the emotional story through a spot in this year’s Super Bowl commercials. Through this commercial, we were able to advertise not only on Youtube (which has over one billion users a day in the US) but also on one of the largest social media platforms in the world, Facebook. In addition to producing a commercial that is consistently appealing to new and returning customers, we created billboards that were placed throughout the valley to attract and retarget customers as a media buying effort. We wanted to keep the message clear yet memorable enough that it would keep drivers who get a glimpse to ask themselves the question, “What if your money could be about dreams?” The billboards allow for a much broader audience span meaning you can capture the attention of viewers that you might not normally reach through solely a video campaign. What this does is plant the seed in the viewer’s head and by searching these key words later online will lead them to Arizona Federal’s website. Geo-fencing also played a massive role in this campaign, which is basically a virtual barrier or boundary that someone would enter and receive advertisements of Arizona Federal.
The entire campaign is one integrated cycle that makes for one successful outcome, driving potential customers to their site. Bringing the awareness of Arizona Federal and the message they want to portray while keeping the brand in mind is the mission. Our goal is to simply create awareness and deliver the absolute best advertising strategy to the right audience in the best way possible.

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