This dealership corporate video not only serves as great web content for potential consumers but also caters to Millennials.  This generation accounts for more new car purchases. Thoroughbred Nissan called upon Epic Productions to tell their story and represent the integrity of their brand. A family owned and operated dealership that has been in Tucson for over 50 years. Thoroughbred Nissan separates themselves from the rest by treating their customers like family. This project is a fine example of a corporate video that easily conveys the traditions of Thoroughbred Nissan through the use of top of the line video production services.

In addition to this corporate video, Epic also produces monthly promotional videos that reveal Thoroughbred’s incentives. We see these media pieces come to life by internally placing them throughout local television advertising or YouTube pre-rolls.  A pre-roll is a YouTube commercial that maximizes brand reach and magnifies the efforts of their sales team. Epics digital team places their month specials throughout various digital platforms. Utilizing Google search through pay-per-click, bidding on keywords that generate new customers. Also targeting those in the market to purchase a new or used vehicle via social media.  Our digital team also strategies to penetrate certain areas throughout Tucson. Geo-targeting audiences who physically visit auto-centric areas, like auto malls. Learn more about geo-targeting through this case study. A very mobile campaign strategy that maximizes a solid return on investment because it’s a newer strategy with lower bidding, therefore very cost effective.

Corporate videos are an essential tool used to dominate web content. Website videos on the homepage keep the duration of visitors longer. Doing so lowers bounce rates while leaving the mutual understanding of the overall brand. Although storytelling has changed significantly in the digital era, the consistent measures still appeal to new and returning customers.  Establishing brand recognition is key and video content does so in an efficient and modern way.