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Each year in October, Epic Productions is given the opportunity to watch Green Card Fund at work by offering them our event video production services. Every year attendance grows as their Investment Summit gains popularity by bringing together hundreds of industry experts, investors, local partners, developers and also dignitaries for their Annual Investment Summit. Through the video documentation we provide and the online video content, we are able to show Green Card Fund for exactly who they are and the mission they are accomplishing.

Being that Green Card Fund caters to a unique International clientele, video allows this global brand to break through all language barriers and provide comprehensive communication through storytelling. This day in age, video is put on the highest Pedi stool, attracting thousands to millions of views. The proof is in the pudding; sixty-five percent of video viewers watch more than three-fourths of a video and by 2018, videos will take up seventy-nine percent of consumer Internet traffic. It’s clear to see that telling their story, future goals and mission through video allows for someone who has never seen the brand before to really engage and understand their identity.

Through such video storytelling and marketing, Green Card Fund is assured that although their clientele may be diversified, the integrity of their message stays the same. In addition, closed captioning allows diversified viewers and potential investors to understand the intent of each project and in the long run, invite future investors to participate in Annual Investment Summits. Every year the Summit begins to see an enhanced number of attendees and plans to continue their success for years to come.

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