Kickstarter videos give your product or business the jump start it needs to build a solid foundation. Kickstarter videos bring your ideas to life, motivating investors to invest in your business. Projects accompanied with a Kickstarter video have an 85% likelihood of reaching their funding goal. Video content is the ultimate storytelling and introduction platform. Whereas a photo is worth 1,000 words, 60 seconds of video conveys 1.8 million words.

That’s exactly what we did for Porch Pirate Parlay. The Porch Pirate Parlay is a parcel safe and is the solution for protecting your online deliveries from theft and inclement weather. In this Kickstarter video, we take viewers through the product journey and showcase exactly how the parcel safe can be essential in their everyday lives. Porch Pirate Parlay called upon Epic, a Phoenix video production company, to help with this process. Founder, Rebecca Romanucci, gives the basics of her product and an overview of her business. We aimed to show all of the main features of her product and how it can benefit potential buyers. With the rise in package theft, this product is something everyone could benefit from. Through animation and motion graphics, we provided a storyline showing the key elements. Right after the launch of the video, Rebecca was featured on ABC 15 to talk about her brand new concept

Do you think it’s time to tell your story with a Kickstarter campaign? Whatever the product, count on Epic to deliver a solid video introduction to investors and potential customers alike.Kickstarter videos are crucial to your marketing strategy because they help create a hype and need for your product. The last Kickstarter video we produced generated over 75,000 views on YouTube, not to mention the thousands of views on Kickstarter.

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