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A motion graphic video is usually digital snippets of footage and/or animation that create the illusion of motion or rotation. These videos are also usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects to really attract the viewer. Motion graphic video serves as an upbeat and easy to follow marketing method while conveying transparency and mutual understanding from a business-to-business perspective. Did you know that 90% of information relayed to the brain is visual, and those visuals are processed sixty thousand times faster in the brain than text does? When it comes down to it, motion graphics video not only properly educates their target audience, but also help keep their viewers interested.

Motion Graphics Video | FAQ

This motion graphics video was created specifically for the Sunstate Sweeping website, of which explained their working process and what one could expect from their services. With all motion graphics, the viewer is able to get a better understanding of what exactly Sunstate Sweeping does and how they do it. What better way to express their motives than a fun and eye-catching motion graphic piece that will leave a memorable mark? In short, this method of video advertising is one of the most effective tools to converting a viewer into a customer. We made sure to keep their mantra in mind throughout the entire video making process as well as their new website design; their mission is your satisfaction. Implementing this statement into the videos by expressing their advanced equipment to showing their commitment to their customers was a must. Overall, motion graphic videos have the power to change the way a potential viewer looks at your business and can be the deciding factor when they are making their final decision.

Sunstate Sweeping Web Design

As part of the package, we also created a fresh web design and handled development for Sunstate’s new modern website. Take a look below!


Motion Graphics Video