Social media videos are created to be engaging and enticing to your viewers and followers. In addition to being interesting to watch, they also need to be informative. Social media campaign videos need to captivate your audience right off the bat. With over 300 hours of video being uploaded to Youtube every minute, it’s important now more than ever to upload quality content. Not only social media videos, but any online web videos too. Any content that is mixed into the world wide web needs to target the right audience for your business. In addition, those videos need to effectively explain your company.

Meet¬†Pure Chat; a live chat software company that specializes in internal communication tactics. The services they offer needed a unique approach for video. Through the use of customer case studies and portraying the accessibility and ease their software offers, these social media videos came full circle. Our Epic team wanted to take a new approach and really let the story do the selling. Through humor and taking some risks, these spots are sure to keep viewers watching. Full versions we’re placed on the the website, strengthening visitor durations. Whereas the shorter versions where placed throughout various social media platforms as vehicles to drive traffic to the site. Knowing where the video is being placed allows for post-production to cut the proper length.

In conclusion, this was by far one of the most exciting projects we’ve had the honor of working on. As a Phoenix video production company and one of Arizona’s largest, we love bringing ideas to the big screen. Our mission is to create content that our client’s will be proud of and ultimately exceed their expectations. Ready to enhance your marketing efforts through video marketing?

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