How do we define the video production process? The overall video production process is straightforward; depending on which production company you hire. Epic Productions is unique as we oversee all aspects throughout the production process, from conception to execution. It’s what is happening throughout the duration of putting the puzzle pieces together from content conception to pre-production, production, post-production and lastly, the finished product. The end of this procedure is presenting our clients with a video to support their business, idea, campaign, etc. The sky’s the limit; the video production process is not a one-size fits all service.

Much like when creating a website, creating video content is a creative and imaginative process that no doubt should be contained under one roof. That means you know what you’re going to get before you’re invoiced. Unlike our competition, we uphold the vision throughout the production process. Meaning we don’t outsource animation or special effects, we don’t rent cameras and we don’t hire an editor per project basis.

Video Production Process, Step-By-Step:

Each stage of this process from planting a seed for an idea all the way to exceeding expectations and satisfying our client with a successful video is what we do at Epic Productions. First and foremost, by dealing directly with our production company the middleman (or woman) is already eliminated.  This is a noticeable savings to smaller companies who wouldn’t fathom video. The overall video production process is pretty straightforward; from conception to execution, we oversee everything.  That means all in-house, all controlled and no mark-up.

1.) Content Idea:   You, the client, will tell us everything that you have collected thus far. We’ll discuss the ideas you have for the video and important standards to follow your brand’s vision. Content marketing is key; what is your message and how do we convey your message is our main goal.

2.) Pre-Production:  We have the idea, we see your vision and know what you are looking for. Countless hours of brainstorming and scatter boards of spontaneous ideas are now our responsibility. Our team works together to organize a creative yet unique total package that will exceed your expectations. With what we gathered in step one and through the clever minds of everyone at Epic Productions, we build a storyboard. You know exactly what you are getting and can visualize how it is going to happen. We control everything on the back end, which includes props, extras, talent, cameras, lighting, and the list goes on, but you get the gist.

3.) Production:  This is the fun part. Producing is the filming and recording of everything discussed in steps one & two. We capture the essential, raw materials with top of the line equipment, assistance and talent while upholding the initial vision.

4.) Post-Production:  Once step three is finished and we have collected everything, we can let the post-production process begin! This is the work being done to cohesively put together your video. All of the tech terms that will grab your audience’s attention from B roll, clipping, color grading, color correction, to cutaways and cross-cuts, etc. are all vital factors in the editing process of your video. We also have an amazing in-house Art Department, which is what most production companies lack. Many of them outsource animation or special effects, which lead to a disconnection in the overall message.  We believe the production process shouldn’t be chopped up, and it shows in our work.

5.) The Finished Product:   This is it, the grand finale or the last bow but in your case, it’s an open door for tremendous opportunities. In this final step, we provide you with the video you initially came here for. It’s that easy!