Video Production Services

Video production services include TV commercials, corporate videos, product demo videos, animated videos, website videos, real-estate videos and much more. Epic stands out from most Arizona video production companies. Specializing in going the extra mile by offering full-service video production, digital advertising, and creative marketing strategies. Epic can revive previous projects or create and execute from scratch. Catering to all your needs, from script to screen is your thing.

Corporate Videos

Corporate video production services continue to be highly sought after. Whether it’s a mission statement, training video, or interview, producing world-class corporate videos is just one of the many keystones we have under our belt.

Web Design

Built on a powerful content management system (CMS), our sites are designed to be both attractive and highly functional.  We offer custom website design, built inside a CMS that allows you to make easy (non HTML) revisions on the fly.  Let us revolutionize the way you and your team manage your web presence.

Product Videos

Nothing features or explains your product better or faster than a video. People’s attention spans nowadays are worse than a goldfish’s memory, so capture their attention with moving images and sound and relay all the crucial aspects of your product in a minute or less.

Television Production

Production for TV and broadcast is our highest demanded video production service. We come from the broadcast world and know everything about what makes a great television commercial stand out, including when and where to place your spot to air live on TV.


Our award-winning art department has all the 3D and 2D animation chops necessary to make your next project come to life. From lower thirds, 3D logo intros, and kinetic typography, we’re familiar with all animation techniques to breathe life into your next project.

Promotional Web Videos

Promotional videos are the driving force behind any new project. As a video production Phoenix company, we want to help promote you. Promoting your products, services, or company with video draws immediate attention from your clients and customers.

Video Production

The only studio in Arizona with two locations.

Over a decade of experience working with clients ranging from your neighborhood store next door, to Fortune 500 companies like HP and Roche, we’re capable of handling tiny and titanic projects.


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1,000 words and counting.

Don’t settle for mass produced iStock photography. Epic has two full-service video production studios,  let us help you with creating custom content with our epic video production services.

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Video Editing

Cut, fade, and all that lies in-between.

Using the same software that cut the award-winning show Breaking Bad, we slice up your video, stitch it together, and ensure your finished project is succinct and coherent.

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It’s all about the motion.

From kinetic typography, stop-motion, to 3D animation — our art department has all the know-how to bring your project to life through modern graphics and animation. Learn about more of our video production services and see how they can benefit you.

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