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Does Length Make A Difference In Your YouTube Video Advertising Efforts?

YouTube Video Advertising

A seriously debated question for all producers; when it comes to YouTube video advertising, does the length make or break your video ad? How quickly can you captivate your audience? If it’s too long, will it begin to bore a viewer? It’s said that to really capture your audience’s attention, you should do so within 6-10 seconds in order to leave an impact. We’d agree this is true, but it’s really about the storyline and the message you have crafted. As length could vary by the budget implemented, attention and effectiveness could be overlooked. Recent TV advertisement research has determined that 15-second television ads are right around 75% as effective as popular 30-second spots. Research has shown that there is a consistent relationship between the viewing length of advertisements and peaks in brand awareness resulting in possible consideration.

On YouTube, you typically have to wait about 10 seconds before you’re given the option to press the infamous skip button to watch what you initially came there for. What does this mean for marketers? Those 10 seconds will make or break your ad. They will have a viewer finishing your ad or shaking their mouse until the skip button makes its appearance. Shorter video ads have the power to make a difference when you combine education and entertainment. Same goes for longer video ads, your story and content have the ability to change a viewer’s mind. In this graphic, it’s clear to see the difference in a short video compared to a longer video. Shorter videos produce a more engaged and captivated audience.

Longer Has The Power To Be Successful

Sure, shorter video ads seem like they would be more successful on paper, but it really depends on the content. We are accustomed to these 30 second video and commercial ads in today’s day in age. The reality is, longer-form ads are effective in lifting brand favorability and likeliness. The added depth and dimension of more complex stories create a more meaningful connection to the brand allowing viewers to create an emotional connection. For brands moving beyond simple awareness, a longer story may be necessary to persuade in order to change the way a customer thinks or whatever assumption they have made up. There are many questions to lay out on the table before getting started. Who is your target audience? Who is watching already? What are their ages and demographics? All of these things play a role in your strategic advertising efforts. A study conducted by IAB concluded that brands running ten second ads have a greater attraction and potential persuasion with a younger audience and the longer videos ranging in the thirty to forty second bracket saw a much larger appeal to audiences between the ages of 35-54. Advertising is calling the attention of the public and selling your product or service. Whether you do that in a fifteen second video ad or a one minute video ad, it’s the content and the story that will make all the difference. Worthy content doesn’t need a time stamp.

Find The Connection & Tie That In With Your Goals

Make sure your planning is in line with your goals and what you want for the outcome. Are you a brand solely focusing on awareness? The short format of video advertisements will not only be efficient but they can be highly effective and successful too. Video ads that are 10-15 seconds have the power to raise awareness right off the bat while still implementing the brand the entire time ultimately driving viewers to your site. Longer videos build an emotional connection while allowing a viewer to also learn more complex information that usually can’t be accomplished in 10 seconds. The bottom line is that regardless of the length of your ad, it’s crucial to exceed in ad recall as well as the favorability and it’s important to always remember your goal as a business and a brand. Keep in mind, users who see your ads are seeing them before the content they came there to see, meaning that once they see the skip button, viewers are usually ready to click. Get the message out there while you have that audience! If you can intrigue your viewers with the first half of your ad then usually viewers will watch until the end.

Don’t Put Your Brand Last

Don’t leave your brand to appear at the very end if you are telling a longer story because by that time, your audience ship may have sailed. As mentioned above, your goal and mission is being targeted throughout the entire ad; let the viewers know exactly what they are connecting with. In order to maximize the connection with the brand, it’s best to find ways to create that connection as the story is unfolding. You have to create and implement the story, making sure your brand is weaving itself throughout the video. At the end of the day, a brilliant story can still captivate an audience, even with the skip button present. Our challenge now is to implement blending a story and a brand but doing it successfully. This media pressure can push brands to feel like everything needs to be faster, which is completely not true. With a significant story, brands can take their time to create a connection with the audience. Your brand is your business! Let us help you tell your story.

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