3 Tips for Attracting New Clients With Video Production

In 2010, a Microsoft study published their findings on the shrinking attention span of humans. The results were shocking. Two decades before, the average attention span was approximately 12 seconds; now, researchers estimate our attention spans run around 8 seconds in longevity– about the same as a goldfish. What does this mean for marketing and content creation? Compelling, creative, short, and to-the-point content is essential for businesses to communicate their message and engage their audience.

Any company looking to grow and expand should pay attention to video to develop and grow in our current market. According to The Cisco Video Networking Index, the forecast for views and video traffic will increase dramatically, making up approximately 82% of internet traffic by the end of this year. If these predictions come to fruition, it will increase 75% from 2017.

Why create video content?

Video is a compelling medium, and it can be used to tell the story of a business in a way that traditional print or online ads simply cannot. Creating video content highlights a business or brand’s commitment to giving back to the community, advertising their services, and explaining who they are and what they offer. For example, a company can demonstrate that they are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those they serve in a short, thoughtful video posted on social media or a website.

Epic Productions was founded 19 years ago, offering video production services to businesses for each unique need. Whether you are interested in a corporate video highlighting your values, an animated explainer video for social media, short-form videos for ads, or longer videos for a website or marketing, we provide full-service options. In this article, we will briefly go over 3 of our best tips for attracting new clients with video production.

Use high-quality equipment

High-quality equipment isn’t just an investment, and it is a critical piece to creating engaging videos for your brand. Which video equipment is worth the investment? It all depends on your budget and goal if you are purchasing equipment for your business. The key is to purchase professional tools and quality lenses

Here are some suggestions:

Canon C300 Mark III.
Canon CN-E 85MM.
Canon C70
DJI Ronin RS3 Pro

The type of camera you use is just one aspect of the equipment involved in video production – other factors such as lighting and audio equipment are also essential to consider. If you are shooting outdoors or want to dabble in social media videos, investing in external accessories like tripods can help ensure that your video is steady and clear.

If you are like most companies and prefer to outsource video production to a qualified company, Epic Production services small and large companies in Arizona to produce high-quality videos for all of your marketing goals and initiatives. Epic Productions offers full-service production and editing services, creative marketing strategies, and digital marketing support to help attract and maintain an engaged audience.

Interested in seeing some of our production videos? Click here and see some epic examples of video content we have produced for companies like yours.

2. Record a range of content

There are plenty of categories to consider when recording a range of content. Not only is a company going to consider their needs, but also the needs and preferences of their audience. We have six major categories to consider when producing a great video or series of videos. Here are our suggestions:

Corporate video production

The goal of a corporate video is fluid and spans a wide range of topics. Corporate videos tell a compelling story about the company showcasing your best features, assets, and message to the community. Epic produces corporate video content pieces, including video trends, animation explainers, 360-degree and customer journey videos, and so much more.

Arizona companies hire Epic to record customer testimonials record behind the scenes content at an office or event. We create engaging employee training videos and entice customers with trending video techniques to showcase your products in a captivating and compelling way.

See some of our corporate video work here.

Animation videos

Who doesn’t love a great animation video? Some popular animation videos include whiteboard explainers, product tutorials, and storytelling pieces explaining corporate values or product marketing. Epic holds space in animation production for the state of Arizona as a key leader in producing 2D and 3D animation chops used on social media, websites, tutorials, and training decks.

The Epic team hosts an in-house art department using cutting-edge technology and advanced programs to create animations that get to the point of your core message while also crafting imagery that engages an audience. Capture your future customers and keep their attention on you with an animated video that sets your company apart from the rest.

Browse our animated video portfolio here.

Product Demo

What product are you selling? Is your brand showcasing a product or service worthy of a high-quality video? A product demo video is one of the most effective and popular marketing techniques in today’s market. 64% of viewers are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a product demo video than any other forum. That statistic is only growing with the purchasing power of Gen Z and Millennial shoppers who consume video content.

While written manuals have their place, creative strategies using video demonstrations by actual customers are a proven effective way to market and advertise a product or service. Look on social media and see how-to videos with millions of views and ads centered around real customers using authentic products in everyday life. These videos can be viewed and posted over and over again.

Commercial video production

Commercials have dominated the market on television for decades, and hold an important space even today. Commercials condense information in 30 seconds to 1 minute in a way that teaches and entertains an audience. Digital media like YouTube provide opportunities for video marketing to soar in a short period. At Epic, we know broadcast commercials and appreciate and deliver results.

Our team understands that creating a video is only the first step, and we offer digital marketing services to guide when and where a commercial should be placed to optimize viewership. This marriage of both video production and digital strategy is unique. Let us walk you through the process!

Digital marketing video production

Have you ever seen a short commercial on YouTube that captures your attention long past the “skip advertisement” prompt? Us, too. Digital marketing and video production go hand in hand, and it is critical to work with a company like Epic Productions, which understands optimizing both. A digital marketing strategy in video production that works includes SEO/SEM optimization, social media advertising, video display, and YouTube advertising, website design and development, and online reputation management.

Create more ROI and quality leads with a strategy that leaves you with video content and a large pool of potential customers.

Videos for website design

We can’t talk about a business without covering websites. A website is a hub for customers to learn about you, your company, and your services. Blogs and webpages are great for SEO, but with the rise of short attention spans in the digital space, concise and to-the-point video content on your website is crucial. Display tutorials about your company and display some of the best aspects of your business with an all inclusive video in two minutes or less. Sweeping wide-angle shots, up-close interviews with customers or employees, and product showcases are critical components to a brand’s success.

3. Know your audience

Video content advertised to the right audience will create an ROI over and over. Before making a video for your social media platform or website, ask yourself the following:
Who are you targeting?
What do they need or desire?
What problem will you help your audience solve?
What level of experience or expertise does the audience have?
What are their goals?
How can you help them solve their problem(s)?
What is your audience’s skill level?
What topics are you covering?

It might seem overwhelming to consider so many aspects of a marketing strategy, especially if you are focused on managing other parts of your business. The good news is, Epic has you covered. Our in-house video production team, coupled with our expert digital marketers, will form a plan that generates results for your business goals.

Let’s work together!

Epic Productions is a leading video production company in Arizona focusing on creating videos coupled with digital strategy to keep your business relevant in a video-centric world. We work on creating video content that grabs your audience’s attention and makes them stay on your website or social media platform. Our team carefully considers your brand message, style, video structure, and distribution to optimize your ROI. Talk to us today about your business goals and how Epic Production can play a critical part in promoting your business in a way that reaches the most consumers today. We can’t wait to hear from you!