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4 Ways To Use Drone Video Services For Your Industry

Curious how to implement a drone video into your marketing efforts? The thing about drone video services is that they can cater to just about any business, industry, or organization. The best part? They’re unique! With drone video production, you can bring your corporate video to the next level.

No matter the type of video you are looking to produce, drone videography is an added bonus. Including in some aerial video elements to your video is a subtle yet innovating way to spice up your project. Whether it’s a real estate video to show off the surrounding neighborhood, an event video to capture the full event from a birds eye view, or a business marketing video for brand awareness, utilizing drone photography services will enhance your online advertising efforts.

4 Ways To Use Drone Video Services For Your Industry

If you’re in real estate…

In an industry like real estate, you have to find the best way to stand out amongst other agents or businesses. There is so much to showcase when selling properties, a creative way to do that is to incorporate drone video services into your individual properties.

Whether it’s a luxury real estate video or a commercial real estate video, capitalizing on the benefits of drone videography will ensure buyers are receiving a unique and one-of-a-kind view of the property, like this video for Supreme Auctions.

of home sellers prefer an agent who uses drones

If you’re in events…

Planning events is no easy feat, but how about marketing those events? That in itself is an entirely different challenge. Depending on the event, whether it’s a corporate event or a festival, the best way to engage the masses is through drone video production services.

Simply put, you’re able to provide a new perspective of your event. If your event takes place in an ‘Instagram worthy’ location like this one for White Mountain GeoTour, then utilizing drone services is the way to go. Better yet, capture people right off the bat with stellar views and cool aerial shots then lay down the details with your event video production.

If you’re in hospitality…

Regardless of your industry, it’s crucial to know the importance of corporate video production. Corporate marketing videos promoting your business don’t have to be boring. They can be innovative, up-to-date with the trends, and enticing enough to keep viewers watching. Sometimes all you need is your very own backyard and professional animation to tell your story, like this video for Desert Diamond Casino.

Drone photography services are versatile and can be useful for all different types of videos in the hospitality and tourism industry. Does your property have a unique building or is it on a photo-worthy location? Drone footage can add an engaging point-of-view that helps you tell your story.


If you’re in renewable energy…

Depending on your certain video goals and vision, drone video services can peak interest for the renewable energy industry. Again, some topics or processes can be challenging to explain verbally but using creative visual elements can seal the deal.

Drone shots like these for E.ON Energy Services keep viewers locked in the entire time, waiting to see what comes next. Better yet, drone shots like these are ideal for your social media marketing efforts. With so many distractions and content on social media platforms, how will you stand out? The answer is by using drone video content like this.

Need Drone Video Production Services?

Of course, drone video services are not only limited to these four industries. Anyone looking for a captivating video production that will keep viewers locked in should consider aerial videography for their next project. Being one of the top Phoenix drone photography and video production companies in AZ, we are here to help bring your vision to life. Let’s chat about your next drone video production project today!