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Promotional School Video & Education Marketing Examples

Looking to enhance the student experience with educational video production or recruit new students to your facility? Everything from primary, secondary, high school and charter schools, this education marketing video content makes for the best school promo videos. It’s crucial to show all of the major factors that make your campus, community, and staff so unique as well as what makes you stand out from other institutions. Especially now with the majority of institutions shifting to online learning. Video has become a vital part of student success and learning.

There are many approaches to take when building an education marketing video strategy. A great school promo video will showcase the atmosphere and emotion of a school or even tell the story of the school through the perspective of students. In addition, a tour of the campus or hearing faculty give their point of view are also great video strategies.

Differentiating your campus from others with a creative marketing approach all starts with engaging web content. Our goal is to make it speak to both parents and potential students.

As a result, the most successful school promotional videos provide a mix of information. As a professional phoenix video production company, capturing educational videos that include emotion and authenticity is our bread and butter.

Check Out These Education Marketing Video Examples

as many students would prefer to watch a video about a school than read about it
Video promotion is
more effective than print and direct mail combined
of college-bound seniors listed videos as the best way to learn about a campus

Whether you need a school promotional video to highlight student recruitment, to express your academic offerings or simply need more video content to provide during these particular times, education video marketing may be exactly what you’re missing.

Take an approach that is under-utilized and skip the brochures with a video that can be used on multiple platforms. More importantly, video production can be used in various digital marketing and social media campaigns. In addition, the average advertising costs when using video services are much lower across the board.

Our team is here to help navigate these unusual times and provide quality video content to help your staff and students succeed. Your school is unique, and we’re here to showcase that. Not only will video production services improve your digital marketing strategy, with Epic, you increase your reach.

Of course, you can take your education marketing videos to the next level, reaching wide audiences with strategic online advertising. Reach out to us today and let’s start your education marketing campaign!

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