360-degree video tours are the latest video marketing trend all industries should be taking advantage of. 360 videos gained rapid growth in the Real Estate Industry, however, it wasn’t long until the Medical Industry took notice. This interactive field trip of a medical bus shows how Matrix Medical Network delivers it’s services to their patients on the road. With this 360 video example, you will take a field trip and see the capabilities of these healthcare vehicles without ever leaving the classroom. 360 video production services¬†take your medical videos to the next level by providing an immersive experience to fully captivate viewers.

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Let us introduce you to Matrix Medical Network, a mobile health clinic providing convenient mobile visits. Their mission is to bring healthcare straight to the patient, delivering easy, private and quality healthcare. They were hoping to create a unique marketing video showcasing one of their mobile health clinics. Together, we were able to produce a creative online medical virtual reality video and 360 video tour of their clinic on wheels.

We specialize in all things 360 degree video related, including VR video production and 360 video advertising. We assist in the entire video production process from the initial phases of brainstorming, finalizing the best approach, to post-production. Not only creating the content but also placing it throughout online platforms, learn more about our digital marketing services. See how we can help you create and place an Epic 360 degree video tour. Immediately generate brand awareness to the right audiences, ahead of the competition.


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