360 video advertising vs regular video has already made its mark in the video world. Placing 360 videos into your marketing allows viewers to see a new type of advertising approach. 360 degree videos allow viewers to take control of what it is they want to see, providing a choose-your-own-adventure experience. 360 video engagement has grown so much over the past year and will continue to skyrocket as more businesses hop on board the 360 video trend. If you’re searching for a new video marketing idea, 360 video production might be what you’re looking for. Most importantly, the average advertising costs for 360 video is much more cost-effective compared to television commercials or other mediums.

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360 Video Advertising

Seeing how popular virtual reality advertising is, Amerisleep wanted to reap the benefits that 360 degree interactive videos offer. Amerisleep is an eco-friendly, memory foam mattress company with several locations in Arizona. They were looking for an immersive advertising strategy that was unlike anything their competitors were using. Our 360 video production services and technology was the perfect fit. Showing their beautiful store front was an ideal approach when using this 360 technology. As you can see, customers can now browse Amerisleep without actually being there as the location was brought to them, virtually.

If you are looking for 360 ads YouTube, Facebook, and your website will allow, the Epic team can help create a 360 video production for your business. We’re a video production company that does it all. In addition, our digital marketing strategists can help you place that content online to get you the most bang for your buck. Now is the time to see what 360 video can do for your marketing. Our creative and experienced team will come up with a game plan that you are proud of. In conclusion, check out more 360 video projects in the Epic portfolio!

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