With a 360 video tour, you have the ability to virtually bring the location to their customers. Whether you need a 360 video or 360 photography to train on-boarding staff, provide customers with a preview of your location, or use for marketing purposes, 360 videos will lock in your viewers in an innovative format. 360 video production¬†results in creating a virtual tour that puts viewers in the driver’s seat, allowing them full access to what it is they want to look at. Most importantly, 360 marketing is a new and trending advertising strategy that reaches your audience with engaging content.

Take A 360 Video Tour:

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GAF called upon Epic to create a 360 video tour and 360 panotour that showed their process. As one of America’s largest roof¬†manufacturing facilities, there are many steps to make quality products. In this 360 tour, we made sure to show the most important parts of the process that customers aren’t aware of. Additionally, we focused on doing so in an engaging yet informative style that’s ideal for 360 video advertising. In conclusion, this VR video is now their showpiece for explaining their services!

Being a 360 video production company offering a large selection of 360 video production services, we aim to make content that tells our client’s story in a unique way. No two projects are alike and creating great video content is our goal. Let Epic tell your story and create a 360 video marketing strategy that works!

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