As an expert animated video production company, Epic works with businesses small and large to bring their projects to life. Animated videos add a competitive advantage and are retained by viewers 95% more so over text. Explainer video production allow services more explanation through a more clear visual demonstration. Animated video production allows smaller companies to explain their competitive advantages over larger companies in a more upbeat tone. Explainer videos and product demo videos effectively tell a story about your business tailored exactly to your customer’s needs, especially if your services offer reduced pricing.

In a service industry like hospitality and travel, you want to show off how helpful and rewarding your service is. It is especially important to keep the user process as frictionless as possible, which is where explainer videos come in. This is exactly what we did with, a vacation home listing site. This animated product demonstration video highlights the competitive advantage over other booking sites. Saving customer’s time and money allows their services to be immediately desirable.

As a full-service video production company , everything is created and produced in-house. From animation videos, to resort marketing videos, here at Epic, we do it all. As a result, our first priority is our clients and producing high-quality results. No matter your product or service, video production services will improve your marketing. Make your next project an Epic one. Reach out to us and let’s get started!

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