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Using B2B product demo videos to explain your products, services, and solutions are essential, especially if you offer a complicated service. B2B product videos are all about finding the right approach and inspiration. These videos are no longer just talking-head style video content and in order to be memorable, thinking outside of the box with video production for your product, is key. Humans are visual creatures and most process information based on what they see; so it’s no surprise that 70% of B2B marketers think that an explainer video is more effective than any other form of marketing to generate leads and conversions. If gaining more customers is your goal, a video production to explain your product is necessary- like the one below.

Legend Brands needed a way to market a new B2B product called Command Hub. This new breakthrough technology makes job management easier for businesses and contractors by providing faster readings on job conditions, viewing progress, receiving maintenance prompts, and much more. The technical offerings Legend Brands provides may not be easily conveyed through text, which is exactly why creating an engaging B2B product demo video was so important for their marketing efforts.

B2B video production, if done right, can take your business to new heights. The professionals at Epic approach each project with your goals and target market in mind. From there, we help select the best type of video for your business. Video is not one size fits all and that’s how we help bring your vision to life. Our creative team strategizes a unique video marketing campaign that will work for your business needs and goals. Of course, having B2B a product demo video is one thing, but strategically placing them online through various outlets with digital marketing services is another. Contact us today and see how the Epic team can help you increase sales and generate more quality leads for your business.

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