With so many options of things to do in your city, it’s crucial now more than ever to create video content that speaks to your audience. The best tourism marketing videos will grab their attention instantly and entice them to visit. Of the people searching in your area, most will turn to their cellphones to find the top tourist spots. Whether it’s a restaurant, theme park, museum or anything else, tourism marketing thrives on visuals. Visuals that highlight your best features. Digital marketing in the tourism industry is most successful with sharable videos, perfect for social media and mobile YouTube ads.

Butterfly Wonderland was an exciting project as we got to capture the indoor rainforest habitat through professional video production. The Epic team used drone footage and captivating closeups on the many wonderful features of the attraction. Something as unique as a butterfly habitat can only be marketed through video to truly show the experience. Plus, the videos created are perfect for Facebook video ads that can target new customers in the area. As a new attraction in the area, these tourism marketing videos are perfect for gaining customers, both tourists and locals alike.

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In addition to professional video production, Epic also specializes in digital marketing services. This makes us one of the top production companies in Arizona since we can execute an entire marketing campaign under one roof. From creating the video to placing the video on a multitude of platforms, we do it all. We can also build a custom website design¬†perfectly developed for your business. Don’t wait any longer, learn how Epic can bring your next project to life!

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