Creating engaging video content that effectively tells your company story and mission can be a tricky task. As a full-service video production studio, Epic specializes in creating a game plan that comes full circle. From the storyboarding and concept phases to placing your content digitally, we help our clients advertise in the most effective ways.

In this company culture video we produced for Continental East Development, our main goal was to capture their mission. By gathering video content from their partners and staff we were able to tell their story straight from the source. When a viewer hears a company speak about its goals, successes, and plans for the future they are able to develop a more personal connection. As a result, it’s easy to build trust between the viewer and the brand.

Continental East Development reached out to Epic again to create another video, and further market their business. This corporate video production highlights a specific project. Epic shot the Continental Villages on location in Moreno Valley, California. As a result, viewers were able to visualize a property that has not yet been completed. By using both personal interviews and 3D renderings, Epic was able to take CED’s corporate video marketing to the next level. This video serves as a marketing tool for both the development firm and the property.

Epic is a video production company that does a little bit of everything. In addition to corporate video production, we helped develop their online reputation by updating their website. An effective website is appealing and easy to navigate, but also needs to be optimized for mobile users. Video content also plays a huge role with websites as it increases your reach and quickly delivers your message. More importantly, ask yourself if your competitors are utilizing video. If they aren’t, you’re already a step ahead of the game. There are many types of videos and benefits of using video–especially if your topic isn’t the most exciting. So whether you are in the market for a company culture video, talking head video or simply a corporate video, we can help you get on the right track.

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