Company culture videos and website design both go hand in hand. Not so surprising, but Google ranks sites higher that have some sort of video on their homepage. Google sees this type of content as favorable and interesting for users. In these company culture videos, we focused on showcasing why someone would want to live at Renaissance Village. Company culture videos do just that. Similar to company about us videos or employee testimonial videos, they display the sense of community and provide viewers with an inside look at the culture they’ve established.

Renaissance Village came to us looking for both a new website and videos to match. As they offer unique services, we made sure our work would be suitable. Assisted living and senior care facilities have to take a special approach when showing potential residents why they would want to live in their community. This is where we got to work. Both videos produced for Renaissance Village surround that sense of community they have already built. By interviewing current residents and hearing why they love Renaissance Village so much helps develop a strong bond between the viewers. By creating that emotional connection, it’s easy to build trust quickly. In addition, we wanted the website to match. Not only make potential residents feel at home right away but making sure the site was easy to understand and quick to navigate through. Assisted living marketing takes several components, including both video and web design.

Now that Renaissance Village has all the tools they need, they can begin marketing effectively. That’s what we do here at Epic Productions. We create a game plan that will work and continue to help your business thrive. Epic is a full-service video production agency that specializes in everything from video production to digital marketing services. We’ve been able to stack years of experience and produce quality content that will work for you. Video production, web design, and marketing is not a one size fits all deal. Each idea and each business need a unique approach in order to see real results.

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