Sometimes a good idea just needs a push to get it off the ground. A crowdfunding video creates that push. One of the top crowdfunding websites is Kickstarter, where this video example is featured. There are many factors to consider when making a crowdfunding video that determine how successful it is. Do you have a good pitch and a script? Who will your spokesperson be? How long should the video be? Where can you find the best crowdfunding examples to follow? Additionally, how much does video production cost?

These are some of the questions F2 Products had when they started the video production process. F2 Products makes the Pocket Shield, a minimalist wallet that combines fashion and function. They wanted to highlight these attributes, and show how the wallet fits into the everyday life of the customer. Since F2 Products is a startup, this video also needed to attract investors. Because of this, a crowdfunding video is the perfect tool to use. The video shows how the wallet functions in different business and social situations. In addition, there is a call to action from the creator of the Pocket Shield featured at the end, which is one way for investors to gauge credibility according to Kickstarter.

Epic worked with F2 Products to bring their product to life on their terms. We can show you how to make a successful crowdfunding video step by step. Having a professional team of artists, videographers, and managers makes all the difference, and guarantees the best production quality. Are you trying to get your project off the ground? Do you have a cause that needs additional support? Let the Epic team help you create a crowdfunding video that successfully launches your idea and generates interest as a result.

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