If you’re looking for creative video marketing ideas for your next corporate video, look no further as this customer journey video is a prime example. Transparency is key, visually demonstrate your product and services from a customer’s perspective. Creative corporate videos allow customers to connect with your brand. In addition, this video message also allows the ability to trust therefore invest in your mission. A video campaign that draws in viewers from the very start, with added graphics and sense of humor leaves a lasting impression. Some of the most memorable company culture videos are based on consumer experiences. This corporate video speaks volumes because it’s relatable, especially to those in the Tech Industry .

“86% of senior-level marketers say that it’s
absolutely critical to create a cohesive customer journey.”

Meet SiteLock, a cloud-based, leader in global website security. Explaining online security solutions isn’t an easy task. However, their expertise and our creative corporate video ideas allowed us to create this customer journey video. Sitelock specializes in website and online rescue. Addressing customer’s pains with solutions adds ease with a mutual understanding of the services and support offered.

Epic offers diverse video production services, including special effects and commercial video production. We pride ourselves in continuing to build relationships with our clients. It’s essential to not only speak their language, but also deliver their tone. Technical aspects of a product or service may be overwhelming to some viewers, whereas re-enacting a customer’s journey is more engaging and effective which is what we’e here for. Let Epic not only create your next video project, but also place it online. Check out our digital services to generate brand awareness across multiple online advertising platforms. Online advertising costs vary, but we’ll help you maximize view-rates and generate the most quality views possible.

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