Thinking about using drone photography in your next video? These types of videos set your project apart from the competition and more importantly, keeps people engaged. An aerial view of your location shows it from every angle and takes your viewers there instantaneously. This video technology is still new, and it is evolving more every day. As a result, drone footage may be a form of video marketing that your viewers have never seen before.


For these reasons, Desert Diamond Casino wanted their video production to include drone footage. They knew that aerial shots are the only way to achieve that one-of-a-kind view. With many locations around the Valley, they wanted a video that enticed viewers to visit. In addition, DDC wanted to show their community involvement since this video will be on display at University of Arizona football games for the Fall 2017 season. The use of drone footage provided DDC with aerial shots that show off their venue, and the beautiful Arizona landscape that surrounds it.

This new drone technology is sought after for marketing campaigns. When using drones and aerial video footage, it is important to make sure your project is managed by professionals. Here at Epic, we stay up-to-date with drone technology and aerial cinematography and know what it takes to create a stunning drone video. With a passion for video marketing, we are confident that no project is too big. The sky is the limit, literally! Not to mention, we even have our very own drone pilot, Marteen Cleary, in the Epic office! You can learn more about the rules of drone usage by checking out our blog.

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