It’s essential to showcase the excellence and brand integrity of your school with educational video production services. Video content is retained 95% more so than standard text, making it a go-to marketing tool for many businesses. School boards are tasked with student recruitment efforts and filling up rosters each semester. A daunting task for those unfamiliar with the second largest search engine, YouTube. Creating educational video production content attracts students, parents and future personnel.

Not only is it important to provide this engaging content on your site, it is also crucial to track it. Allowing educational institutions to gain a mutual understanding of the audience that is watching. Hence why promotional school videos and education marketing continue to be the valedictorian of website content.

Student Recruitment Documentary

Private School Curriculum Video

BASIS is a charter school that strives to offer a unique curriculum model. This documentary style video shows off that unique approach and allows for easy revisions. Due to the constant change in the curriculum, it’s simple to replace old interviews or stats with new ones. Educational videos allow BASIS to visually tell their story and explain their mantra.

After the first documentary styled education video we made, BASIS came back for more! We worked with them again, keeping their students and parents updated on newer teaching techniques. This educational video production showcased their LET/SET teaching curriculum.

Epic Productions prides ourselves on creating compelling educational video production content. Producing student recruitment videos are no different. We love helping charter schools, private schools, and college campuses teach their lessons. Raise your hand if you’re looking to learn more about our educational video production services. See how Epic Productions can help you score a perfect grade on your next video recruiting campaign!

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