Educational videos not only attract potential students but also inform the current student body and community of an establishment’s continued success. BASIS called upon Epic Productions to create a creative and noteworthy video promoting their excellence in education. BASIS Schools are primarily charter schools, ranked among the top academic programs in the nation. This top-performing school was founded in 1998 and since then has opened sixteen schools in Arizona, one in Texas and one in Washington D.C. BASIS also continued to open two private schools- BASIS Independent Silicon Valley and BASIS Independent Brooklyn in 2014. They have been noted for many educational achievements including their performance on standardized tests and unique curriculum and instruction. Hence why we wanted to create and produce a video that thoroughly explained BASIS, their goals, achievements and why BASIS sets the bar for excelling education.

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Did you know that education is the second highest online search term performed by parents, especially mothers who are expecting and yet to give birth? As interesting and compelling as this is, it’s entirely true. Through these videos, it’s clear to see why that stat has made it to the second highest online search. It’s extremely important this day in age then ever to push our children to their highest potential. We focused on producing videos that displayed just that. From the lighting, the video production, to the set-up and the photography all the way to the finishing touches including the most crucial, the video editing, we made sure the finished product was attractive, understandable and left a statement. Promotional school video examples, like the ones above, are the best way to entice student enrollment and promote your school.

BASIS Independent Schools is a private school with world-class curriculum and teachers. BASIS.ed schools are consistently ranked as some of the very top schools in the country and their rankings and reputation help them attract outstanding teachers. Through these series of videos, the Head of Schools at BASIS Independent share their stories, and talk about their passion throughout this series of educational videos. At Epic, we help all institutions alike come up with solid student recruitment strategies that will give your school the competitive edge. We take your mission and create compelling educational videos to compliment it. Check out some of our video production services to see how else we can bring your vision to the big screen!

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