When developing an employee onboarding video for your business, using animated training videos are the best way to tell your story. Animated corporate employee orientation videos are a fresh way to communicate with new hires and staff members. Some of the best animated marketing videos appeal to all audiences and of course, stay on top of the corporate video trends. The goal with these types of videos is to build relationships and effectively explain your corporate business motto and mission.

Epic worked with Drive Time to create a compelling internal corporate video for their new employees. As an experienced video production company, we brought their vision to life with this motion graphics project.

Motion Graphics Video | Corporate

A motion graphic video is usually digital snippets of footage and/or animation that create the illusion of motion or rotation. These videos are also usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects to really attract the viewer. Motion graphic video serves as an upbeat and easy to follow marketing method while conveying transparency and mutual understanding from a business-to-business perspective. Did you know that 90% of information relayed to the brain is visual, and those visuals are processed sixty thousand times faster in the brain than text does? When it comes down to it, motion graphics video production not only properly educates their target audience, but also help keep their viewers interested.

Creating an employee onboarding video is an ideal way to communicate and keeps new staff members intrigued. DriveTime needed a professional employee onboarding corporate video production that was different than most online videos. By combining motion graphics and a unique storyline that takes their staff on an animated journey, it’s easy to follow along. Most importantly, corporate animation videos, like this one for DriveTime, is an engaging way to connect and allow new employees to feel welcomed.

At Epic, we’re a video production company that specializes in many types of video production to bring your vision to life. We help drive your project home and allow you reach new heights. As a creative video production agency, our first job is to understand your needs and come up with a strategy to exceed your expectations. From pre-production to the final product, we make sure our clients are involved every step of the way. Check out our video production process and see how we help businesses locally and nationwide build excitement around their name.


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