Looking for an explainer video company to help describe certain internal processes or products? Corporate animated explainer videos allow you to take complicated topics that might not be the easiest to explain and simplify the process through professional video production services. In fact, 95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. Whether it’s an animation video targeting B2B or B2C, the benefits of explainer videos are innumerable and will serve your business for many years to come. Take a look at these animated explainer video examples and see why you need an explainer video!

In this animated explainer video example, NexTrex needed to quickly guide consumers on how easy it is to recycle with their new program. As we created two different animation videos for them, this one was targeted towards their B2C audience. An animated explainer video like this walks consumers through the entire recycling process, showing just how easy it is to recycle plastic film wrap. Explainer video marketing, like this, makes it easy to promote your products or services on social media channels, on your website, and for online advertising efforts.

In the second animated motion graphics explainer video we produced for NexTrex, we focus on B2B and creating content specifically for distributors. The best explainer video companies will take into account your target market and audience to create specific animation videos to reach them. As NexTrex needed to spread awareness for both consumers and distributors, having two separate animated explainer videos was the best way to perfectly promote their new program. Have you ever thought that animated explainer videos aren’t the right marketing tool for your industry? If so, check out this blog that highlights why your industry should be using explainer videos.

As one of the top explainer video companies in Phoenix and nationwide, we help businesses thrive with online video production services. We can help your business create video content to help explain certain products or services, all through professional animated video production. No need to look any further for an explainer video company, we’re here to help tell your story!

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