Meet explainer video production, or in this case, software explainer video production. Now, let’s meet MicroAge. MicroAge is your go-to crew when looking for IT solutions. Their tech-savvy team provides the right solution for your business and helps get your systems up to par. These IT experts needed to solve an entirely different type of problem; explaining their services. Providing insight on IT solutions and how they operate is crucial when attracting leads. That’s where animated video production comes in. They had all the tools at hand including a team full of experts who have been in the industry for 10 plus years. These individuals are the spokesmen of MicroAge. Utilizing their expertise, they were the centerpieces of this project. Video content that addresses frequently asked questions not only implements transparency but also assists in your organic search efforts, YouTube is the second largest search engine.

MicroAge called upon Epic Productions to get the ball rolling. As a full-service creative video production studio in Phoenix, we dove right in. By establishing their goals and finalizing all of the minute details, everything from pre-production to post was a breeze. Our video production team knows it takes a special approach when producing explainer videos. In addition, this project for MicroAge needed to be easy to understand yet intriguing to keep viewers engaged. Their Hybrid IT infrastructure had many key components that needed to be explained. In conclusion, the finished product was not only high-quality but informational and appealing. Appealing to not only individuals in this industry but for an outsider too.

At Epic, we strive to make each project unique and specifically catered to your business needs. Our creative yet professional team works together to produce quality work that exceeds you and your client’s expectations. Whether it’s an explainer video, corporate video, training video or even a motion graphics piece, our team has you covered.

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