Not only can event videography promote event awareness for years to come, it also showcases your brand and vision as a company. Fellow Flowers is a group of women empowering one another through the simple statement, ‘putting one foot in front of another’. The use of a flower signifies their philosophy to embrace their inner strength and beauty. We were able to showcase these two strong themes through this event video production and help these women celebrate at their annual event, Rock Retreat Run. Fellow Flowers called upon Epic Productions to capture their weekend event and to share their goals and vision from a powerful digital standpoint. A video is a personal yet engaging tool that will tell your story and we focused on highlighting their inspiring message while implementing their philosophy to speak to their viewers in a way that only a video could. Over the course of three days and two locations, we made sure to capture footage of every seminar, their speakers, exercising activities, and cocktail hours to ensure an accurate portrayal of the great activities they host at their annual event. The glory of video is that your message is perceived through who you are as a brand compared to any text content that only allows a viewer to create an image in their head. Did you know that a one-minute video has the impact of reading 1.8 million words? The proof is in the pudding. We are visual learners and the power of video is a marketing strategy we can help you with. We keep in mind that consumers are constantly on-the-go and that’s why we focus on capturing their attention right off the bat. Whether your business is big or small, event videography is a service to be taken advantage of. We make sure your video displays who you are and what your event entails while bringing it all back home and selling viewers. Our ultimate goal is to share your brand and everything you believe in while allowing a viewer to feel welcomed and at the end of the day, attend your next event.

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