As football kicks off, so does the latest football video campaign series! Credit Union commercials are just one of the many services we excel in. This series of credit card commercials focuses on the launch of their newest program, PLUs. This service gives members a chance to receive a share of the proceeds when the credit union does well, ultimately getting cash for participating in their cooperative. In these spots, you’ll see credit union members having Football Legend himself, Kurt Warner, participate in some tasks out of his comfort zone. They are able to experience this all from their payback benefits from Arizona Federal. He attempts to utilize his skills from the field and applies them in each television commercial giving viewers a good laugh or two. Our goal was to showcase the amazing benefits Arizona Federal has to offer and to get potential customers thinking of all the things they could do just by being a member.

In addition to filming these commercial spots, we also strategically placed these spots on live television. Targeting the sports fan demographic, we placed their new ‘PLUs’ campaign on the NBC channel during regular season football games. You can also see these during commercial breaks on the ad supported and popular streaming company, Hulu. Televised football has officially taken the cake for America’s favorite sport which works in our favor as we decided to target those tuned in and watching. At Epic Productions, we come straight from the broadcast realm and know what it takes to make a great television commercial stand out amongst the rest. This campaign will be placed to air through the fall months until the beginning of 2017.

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