Live event video production is a service that is underutilized by businesses. Since your company spends months planning your event, shouldn’t you capture it visually? Bringing in a video production company to record your event ensures that it will be captured professionally so that you can use it across multiple online platforms. As a result, you can focus on entertaining your guests and enjoying the experience with no worries.

Event video production serves as content for your website, YouTube, and your social media platforms. Event videos are ideal for sharing on your social media channels since videos are shared seven times more than links. Talk about the perfect way to boost engagement. Attendees can relive the event and people who were unable to attend can experience your event as if they were there. Additionally, if the event is reoccurring, you can use the event video production to advertise for the same event in the future.

Event videos can be produced for any type of event, large or small. Are you celebrating the grand opening of your business or hosting a charity event? Capture it with video production just like The Agency did. This real estate brokerage reached out to Epic to produce a live event video of the launch of their Arizona office at an exclusive venue in Old Town Scottsdale.

As a live event video production company, we are here to help tell your story. We come prepared with an effective strategy and game plan to get all the footage we need for post-production. Are you ready for you promotional event video? As Arizona’s go-to video production company, we provide an array of video production services to suit your specific vision and project needs. Let’s chat about your live event video production today!

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