There are many types of videos that can be used to effectively explain the services or products you offer. One of those types of videos that gives you full creative control is motion graphics animation videos. Motion graphics videos are engaging marketing videos that entertain and inform all at the same time. Through the use of animation and special effects, motion graphics videos are perfect for brand awareness videos, product videos, pre-roll ads, and lastly, explainer videos. Captivate your audience and keep their eyes glued to the screen through the use of animation.

This motion graphics animation video for Post.Bid.Ship was produced to introduce potential customers to their new software. A reoccurring client of Epic’s, Post.Bid.Ship. is a powerful addition to many transportation management systems and the best solution for pricing and coordinating your spot shipments hassle free. To speak to their targeted audience, creating a marketing video that effectively described their business was key. Explaining a service or software isn’t an easy task but through the usage of animation, they now have a video that’s easy to understand.

Here at Epic Productions, we enjoy working with our clients to make sure our work meets their expectations. Our professional team all works together to produce quality results. Thinking about an animated video to help explain your product or service? Check out some of our other motion graphics videos.

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