Motion graphics video production is truly the best way to explain or promote any business. All companies can tailor these forms of video to their exact products or services. The ability to apply motion graphic videos to a large number of industries is what makes them so effective! As a top video production company in Phoenix, we offer a wide range of explainer and animation videos. The best animated explainer videos are the ones that blend information and fun in one business motion graphics animation.

Our team was thrilled to create these two motion graphics videos for SecureAuth. With a business concept as complex as data security, an animated explainer video was the best way to go. In fact, tech is ranked as one of the top industries to use explainer videos in their marketing. Our team brainstormed and designed this awesome motion graphics video production that fits SecureAuth’s business model perfectly. Epic is proud to be an animated explainer video company and aimed to produce something that our client would be excited about.

Epic creates the best animated videos and we want to help create one for you too! Our technique to effective motion graphics is to fully know our clients and their business. We will dive into your brand platform and DNA to make a video that best represents you. Keep the competition on their toes by using animated explainer video production as it’s one of the best corporate video trends. 

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