Has your department considered developing a police marketing strategy to attract new recruits, laterals, and non-sworn staff? The recruitment and retention crisis is taking a toll on law enforcement agencies nationwide as applications have dropped nearly 60% since 2010. What does this mean for police agencies who are already short-staffed looking to fill vacancies? It means a new and innovative approach to recruiting must be adopted and implemented amongst agencies nationwide.

As a full-service video production company, we work with industries of all sorts including law enforcement agencies. Developing police marketing strategies that help modernize recruiting efforts is our main goal. In this law enforcement marketing plan we helped Richmond PD with, our team focused on creating recruiting videos that shared what it’s like to work for their team.

The most important aspect of this video production is the emotion it evokes and that’s exactly what we focused on during the video production process. Richmond PD wanted to highlight the many job opportunities as well as show what it’s like to be a police officer within their agency. More importantly, this video provides a feeling of the community, the camaraderie, and just how big of an impact a candidate can have on their city.

Richmond PD offers several jobs including sworn and non-sworn within their department which is why we created different types of videos for their campaign. This professional staff video shows the many careers available as well as what it’s like on a daily basis.

Developing this police advertising plan began with the concept of recruiting videos but we also built a custom recruiting website and a robust digital marketing strategy to reach quality recruits in a tough hiring market. Since the launch of this campaign, they have streamlined their recruiting and hiring process as well as increased their candidate pool.

This police marketing strategy for Richmond PD has helped modernize their recruiting efforts and make an impact in their community. All of these elements working together including video production, website design, and digital marketing allows Richmond to stand out amongst their competitors and reach a larger pool of applicants. Ready to do the same? Check out the many video production services we offer and learn more about how Epic can help tell your story.

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