Are you thinking outside of the box when it comes to your police recruitment video? Some of the best police recruitment videos not only showcase the many positions available, but also give a first-hand look into your Department and how you serve the community. That’s the exact approach we took while coming up with this creative concept for La Habra Police Department in California. They inquired about getting a video produced that would attract quality candidates and show an insider’s perspective of the camaraderie and opportunities available within the Department. After understanding their goals, we went straight to work!

Recruitment Video Ideas

Let’s start with this police recruitment video; a recruiting video ideal for YouTube and the recruiting website. Utilizing longer videos that tell your story are perfect to place on your website as it can increase the average session time per user. Additionally, uploading longer duration videos on YouTube is great for ranking higher within the search engine.

These aren’t the only amazing benefits of a longer police recruitment video like this one, you can also chop this video up into smaller, bite-sized videos for social media. Having an overview video that highlights everything you want to showcase allows you to choose parts of the recruiting video that are ideal for social media recruiting and advertising.

Speaking of shorter social media video examples, take a look at this recruitment video. By working with the video content from the longer police recruitment video, we created a 30 second version. Within this law enforcement recruiting video, it’s important to highlight content that captures the Department and the goals they are trying to achieve.

Hearing from officers and the Chief of Police automatically allows for a potential recruit to feel a sense of inclusiveness and that they too can have a career in law enforcement. Also, each person in the Department sharing their experience helps the viewer understand what the job entails.

Best Company Recruitment Video Ideas

Last but certainly not least, the 15 second version we produced for La Habra. For this recruiting video, we mentioned the points of the video that were most important. By only focusing on the key elements of the video, this 15 second video is perfect for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter advertising. When it comes to marketing on social media channels, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. With the implementation of shorter recruiting videos like this, you can keep your audience engaged and quickly get your message across.

police recruitment video

Of course, the hub of all of your recruiting efforts; your recruiting website! This is where it all comes together. Your police recruitment videos will drive all potential applicants here. Having a mobile-optimized and user-friendly website is a crucial step in the process. This is the moment of truth where viewers become applicants, so it’s really time to show off. Epic Productions knows how to combine style and functionality in recruiting websites. Plus, with strategic digital marketing plans, your website is like a 24/7 job fair recruiting applicants all over the nation.

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