A product demonstration video that includes animated graphics showcases a product that no text can easily convey, especially when showcasing medical devices. Epic Productions produced this creative product video demonstration for Electromedical Technologies, alleviating the sales team to do what they do best, help customers. Showing is better than telling, and online video plays a huge role for hospital and medical decision-making. Online surveys indicate customers who watch videos want to see product demonstrations, and more than 60% watch online procedures and product comparisons. It’s clear to see that video can make the difference for your marketing efforts especially when it comes to product demonstration. It’s challenging to describe the pros of a product through text because simply put, it’s hard to understand the mechanics and the functionality. What video does is allow consumers to visually understand the product while showing how the product works. This engages potential consumers because visual content is automatically more appealing. Videos also allow for personal and emotional connections that help communicate the main points and create a bond with a consumer.

Short product demonstration videos that include animation are best utilized to engage, explain, and inform viewers about digital health technologies and medical devices. Through this product demonstration video, we really wanted to visually show that there is a practical pain relief solution while simultaneously keeping viewers interested in the product. We also incorporated interviews with specialists and professional athletes to make the product relatable and appealing to the everyday individual. With video, you’re able to effectively show how your product works and attract anyone with any interest in your product immediately. In Electromedical Technologies’ case, we visually showed the target areas that cause people pain and how their product, Wellness Plus, will solve their problems.
It’s clear that product demonstration videos can only add huge success to your brand by effectively showing how your product works in a universal format.

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