A great opportunity to distinguish the differences, benefits and features of your inventory is with product showcase videos. The health and fitness industry is huge and there are many options available for nutrition products, so the best product videos are ones that separate your brand from others. Using product promotion videos on your website will not only inform customers, but it can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Fitness marketing is just one of the many industries that could benefit from product showcase videos. Let’s take a look at our recent product promotion videos we did with Xendurance.

This series of web product showcase videos for Xendurance explains their various health and nutrition products. We built this web series to improve the customer’s online experience, showing them an up close and personal look at the brand. Plus, it’s an opportunity to show differences and details of multiple items. Product video services are a great way to captivate your audience and show off your company!

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Epic is an Arizona video production company that offers many product video services. Not only do we create product showcase videos like these, but animated product demo videos and motion graphics videos as well. Then, after bringing your vision to life, Epic Productions has a team of digital marketing specialists that know how to get your videos seen by large and targeted audiences. Chat with us to learn more about Epic and get a free quote today!

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