Hosting events is a great way to interact with people currently involved in your business and to also attract new customers. Producing a promotional event video captures the event’s energy and excitement, and provides the perfect piece of content to market your future events. People that attended can relive the experience and share it with others. Additionally, people that didn’t attend can see what they missed and decide if any future events are worth attending. Promotional event videos also serve as a focal point for your website and social media channels which boost engagement and decrease bounce rates.

This video Epic produced for Fiat Lux Gallery captures the fun and inviting atmosphere of the event. The action is captured from every angle, helping viewers get an idea of what food was served, what artwork was displayed, and who attended. As a result, they know what to expect from future events that Fiat Lux hosts. One of the main purposes of creating an event promotion video is to generate buzz. A solid event video shows off all the highlights of your event and entices people to attend other events in the future.

An experienced video production company and team makes all the difference when it comes to capturing an event. Most events are fast-paced and they all take place in real-time. Employing a video production agency that is equipped with all the necessary skills and tools ensures that the end result is exactly what you imagined. Epic offers a wide range of video production services that will exceed expectations. We take care of all the details so that you can enjoy your event and entertain your guests. Keep in mind, we come prepared and deliver professional results. Epic can also help you place your video once it’s complete with digital marketing strategies that help generate brand awareness and attract quality leads.

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