Many law enforcement agencies nationwide are all facing the same problem, finding quality recruits with a small candidate pool to pull from. That’s why having a police recruiting video that highlights the important factors of your agency is crucial now more than ever. In fact, 50% of people look for a video with further information before making any large decisions. When it comes to hiring new recruits, giving them in-depth video content that allows them to make a personal connection is key.

That’s exactly what we did for Berkeley PD. They knew they wanted recruiting video production to attract high-quality candidates and increase overall diversity throughout their department but were also in the market for a cohesive marketing plan that would increase applications.

In addition to creating their recruiting video which serves as an overview of their agency, we also created an officer story campaign. The goal was to highlight individual team members and shine a light on why they chose a career in law enforcement. Not only that, but show just how diverse this career path really is.

In this video, we hear from a few officers who get to live out their dreams and hobbies all while working for the Berkeley Police Department. Videos like this give potential candidates the peace of mind knowing they can have flexibility in their careers.

These are just a few of the many recruiting videos we created for Berkeley. Of course, this video content is just the cherry on top of their advertising strategy. Our team also built a custom website, gathered professional photography, and continues to manage an omnichannel digital marketing campaign that brings their department hundreds of leads every month. All of these elements working together, including the recruiting video production, allows Berkeley PD to stand out amongst their competitors.

Being one of the top video production companies in Phoenix and nationwide, we have seen firsthand how police departments are struggling to fill their ranks. Not just police departments, but organizations from many different industries too. One of our specialties is recruiting video production and we focus on bringing out the special elements of your organization to create a product that will serve you for years to come.

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