When it comes to making decisions about their health, people want to be confident in their choices. A video testimonial can provide peace of mind as well as put patients at ease. Finding the right doctor and hospital can be challenging for patients, which is why a patient video testimonial can be so valuable. Putting all the important details in a video format makes things easy to understand. As a result, viewers can feel more confident when making a decision about their care.

These video testimonial examples were produced by Epic Productions for Banner Health. They understand that people look for information so that they can make the best choice when it comes to their care. These videos detail the experiences of some of Banner Health’s patients. Viewers get to hear directly from people that were once in their same position. This creates an emotional connection in addition to providing important information. This type of video testimonial is highly valued by people in need of medical care, as it gives them a glimpse at what they can expect to experience.

Epic worked with Banner Health and their patients to produce these video testimonials on location in Reno, Nevada and Lake Havasu, Arizona. It is important to work with a professional video production team that makes your patients feel comfortable and goes the extra mile to produce quality content, even if that entails traveling to multiple locations for filming. Epic has experience producing all kinds of video testimonials nationwide and goes above and beyond to capture the vision of clients. We take your ideas and make them into reality by using top-notch equipment and editing software. Create video content that resonates with your target audience and gives them the confidence to choose you!

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