Importance of Corporate Video Production

Importance of Corporate Video Production

What is the importance of corporate video production? This is a question we hear time and time again from new clients and current clients looking to produce a brand new corporate video. Crafting a corporate video production strategy takes time and effort, but it’s well worth it.

Corporate video production has evolved and the importance of it is at an all-time high. It’s no longer just simply a talking head video that effectively explains your company goals, it’s creating an in-depth strategy to reach new potential customers. In order to reap the benefits of this type of corporate video marketing, you have to take advantage of the many avenues available.

importance of corporate video production

Many corporations and businesses alike are placing different types of video content like this on their landing pages, YouTube channels, social media platforms, as well as advertising them. Additionally, the way people consume video content has changed and so does the way you develop a corporate video production marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at the importance of corporate video production as well as why taking advantage of it will serve you in the long-run.

The Importance of Corporate Video Production

Google thrives on video content

Increase brand awareness

Everyone consumes information differently

Videos are easy to share

There are several reasons why you need a corporate video production for your business. Not only is it a way to communicate to your audience, but it will be continuously beneficial to your website and company. First off, Google will prioritize websites with more video content. This means you’ll appear higher in Google search rankings! Next, video production marketing is more memorable and therefore increases brand awareness. Viewers will better understand your message and remember more with video content. Plus, the videos we create at Epic Productions are completely branded to your company, giving a professional and consistent design.

Another benefit of corporate video production, is that information is more easily understood rather than text. Video content is visually appealing and will keep viewers interested. Additionally, video content is easily shared to other potential customers. When you make a memorable corporate video, people will want to send it to others and your brand will spread organically. These are just some of the reasons of why corporate video production is important and necessary for your corporate video strategy.

Different Types of Corporate Video Production

Show Who You Are

First, corporate video production is the perfect way to show company culture. Video production is more descriptive and captivating than text alone, which means you can let your company shine. With our client Site Lock, we incorporated humor into their corporate video marketing. This fun customer journey video keeps viewers interested to the very end.

The experts here at Epic Productions work hard to create commercial video production that perfectly matches your brand and company goals. The possibilities are endless in what direction we can take making your next corporate video marketing strategies. In fact, take a look at these corporate video trends to get a better idea.

Explain Seamlessly

As one of the top film production companies in cities around the nation, we specialize in animated corporate video production as well. Therefore, if you want to explain your company’s process clearly and effectively, consider an animated corporate video. Like we did for TriStar, corporate video production is a chance to inform customers on the services you provide.

Our team creates professional motion graphics to accompany your business mission statement. Then, you’re able to increase conversions by placing your corporate video marketing on your website. With video on your homepage, users are likely to spend more time on more pages. This means they’re taking time to learn about your company, becoming future customers.


The importance of corporate video production is especially valuable in industries such as education. Customers want to be sure in their choice of big decisions, and video production marketing can reassure them. Having a corporate video is the perfect way to showcase culture, quality of service, testimonials and more.

Epic is a video production company that does it all. Therefore when working with us, we make sure to bring your vision to life. Our talented creative team handles everything in-house to translate your company’s brand effectively. In this Innovation Learning corporate video, we worked together to highlight all the trustworthy staff and the caring environment. This sets the scene for customers before they even step into your business.

The importance of corporate video production can only be matched with the digital marketing strategies paired with it. Epic Productions, the top Phoenix video production company, is a full-service video production company that does it all. Our marketing strategists create a specific plan to place your videos online and get the most views possible. Target specific audiences, increase brand awareness and get more bang for your buck compared to traditional marketing.

Don’t let your business blend in with the rest. Start standing out and seeing results with corporate video production and digital marketing strategies. We’ll be there every step of the way to make your vision a reality. Start by sharing your goals with us and we’ll create a strategy to reach them. Chat with us today!

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