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How to Increase Your YouTube Views: 10 Tips on Video Optimization

Have you ever made a video and uploaded it to YouTube but then not know where to go next? If you’re wondering how to increase YouTube views and subscribers and want to prevent your videos from collecting dust on YouTube, we’re here to help. There’s nothing worse than spending time and money on an amazing video production that not enough people will see. Luckily, Epic as a video production company is here to help you generate the most views on the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube.

Optimizing your online content is the secret on how to increase YouTube views by yourself. According to YouTube Search and Discovery, up to 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Not only does this mean your video content needs to stand but it needs to be easy to find and the topic should be highly searched. It’s important to strategize your video marketing to gain popularity on your YouTube channel. So, let’s start brainstorming by understanding what topics per industry people are searching. Then, we’ll dive into the top 10 tips for how to get views on YouTube fast.


increase your youtube views

Depending on the consumer buying cycle, the key is to join a conversation instead of interrupting. This means creating content that addresses the questions that consumers, members, parents, students and patients are searching. Great video production doesn’t just mean testimonials or interviews. Mixing up a message with animated explainer videos can literally illustrate an answer to a question. Also, 360º videos and virtual reality add a competitive advantage. The objective is to be the expert of the questions they are seeking answers to, doing so will rapidly increase YouTube views and brand visibility.

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    Great video content for the Automotive Industry is car comparisons. A great opportunity to be bold and highlight how one brand offers more than another is when potential customers are in the beginning of their research.

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    The Financial Industry can benefit from “How To” and explainer video content. This includes short videos that answer frequently asked questions or highly searched queries. For instance, “When should I refinance?”, “What is an equity loan?” or “How much should I save for retirement?”.

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    Testimonials are great video content for learning programs and private education. This includes individual perspectives from parents, students and teachers alike. “What are the best schools?” is frequently searched, a video that answers this question is key.

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    Medical and Healthcare

    The Healthcare Industry can benefit from video content that fully illustrates the care and compassion that patients will receive. In addition, it’s crucial to include an overview of facilities and technological advances, reassuring patients and their loved ones that they are in capable hands.

1. Research Like-Videos

increase your youtube views

To increase YouTube views, first consider the likeliness of your video production being suggested off other videos. Researching is key, do some digging on others in your industry with similar content as yours. This will give you an idea of what keywords are popular and who is watching them. If you can get close enough to popular competitors, your video will ideally pop up in front of relevant viewers and increase subscription rates.

2. Organize Your Playlists

increase your youtube views

You will eventually have a collection of videos for your channel which means more videos to sort through. Make it easy on your viewers and subscribers by making categorized playlists! This organizes your videos by theme or topics, and will create a more pleasant experience. You want the playlist categories to be broad enough to house a handful of content depending on the number of videos you have. By grouping similar videos, people will be more likely to watch more than one, helping increase YouTube views one video at a time.

3. Choose Climatic Thumbnails

increase your youtube views

Think of the last time you were browsing on YouTube. Why did you click the videos you did? The first reason is most likely because of the thumbnail used on the video. This little image serves as a preview to the video production, so it should be interesting enough to peak curiosity and entice viewers to click.

4. Optimize The Title

increase your youtube views

The second most common cause for clicking is the title of the video. Not only does it need to be descriptive, but utilizing specific keywords relevant to your content will get your video in front of the right viewers. Use SEO tactics and tools in your digital marketing strategy to discover what words are used most frequently and work them into a catchy title for your videos.

5. Utilize Tags

increase your youtube views

Tags are a great way for people to find your video and to know what they’ll be watching. These tags should be consistent with the topic of your videos, but you can cast a wide net to increase YouTube views. In the same breath, these should be specific to exactly what your video production is showing.

6. Build A Strong Description

increase your youtube views

Your video description serves a very important role and holds a ton of opportunity. Not only will this allow viewers to learn more about your company, but it can also drive customers to your site. Additionally, just like most features in YouTube, your description is used for video SEO. YouTube will analyze the words you use in your description to serve viewers the right content. Use this space to go in depth about your video, being captivating in the beginning and descriptive throughout.

7. Don’t Forget A Call-To-Action

increase your youtube views

Like we mentioned previously, the description is a great place for a call-to-action for all types of videos. This means asking viewers to act after watching your content. Examples include visiting a website, buying items, following on social media or visiting your channel. Link your viewers to relevant content about your business and mission to allow them to learn more.

8. Transcribing Videos

increase your youtube views

Like Google crawling your website to serve relevant content to users, transcribing your videos works in the same fashion. Utilizing highly searched keywords and key phrases in your video is crucial, but transcribing them will help double your chances of being seen. Additionally, actually verbally saying your keyword will increase views.

9. Add Cards

increase your youtube views

Cards are a great way to leverage your popular videos to help drive viewers to more related content. These pop up at the top of the video in the right-hand corner as they are watching, suggesting another video or playlist. Add relevant links to your videos and make sure they have catchy, clickable titles. This will encourage viewers to explore your channel and increase subscriptions.

10. Featured Video

increase your youtube views

Your featured video is the first thing people will see when visiting your channel. This should be relevant to the mission of your brand and serve as a welcome video on your channel. There can be many reasons for a featured video and it might depend on your goals. Choose one that is eye-catching and intriguing to keep visitors on your channel longer! The more time spent on your channel, the more you’ll increase your YouTube views.

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While there are lots of things you can edit and change to increase YouTube views and subscriptions, it’s not an exact science and you have to be patient. Results won’t always happen overnight but it will get easier as you go! Much like a diet, consistency is key. As an experienced video production company, Epic has a full staff of talented video production and digital marketing experts ready to help. From pre-production to going live, we’re a full-service production company ready to bring your next project to life!

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