Leveraging Video to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

Marketing today is currently being driven by content. Every brand that you know and see is throwing content your way. From product content, service product, to company stories, many businesses utilize content for their social media campaigns. As time progresses, content driven marketing is set to get more pronounced.  

Video is the medium that is undoubtedly dominating the social media marketing content. Wherever you look on the online sphere, you will find video content. Creating, distributing, and planning video content can single handedly help businesses scale and prosper to the next level.  

However, if you want to truly leverage the capabilities of video content, you have to learn how to properly create and distribute the content. Without a good creation and distribution strategy, you will fail to make conversions and struggle to put as many eyeballs as possible within the given target audience.  

Why make Video a Part of your Social Media Marketing Strategy? 

Video is highly effective, and many stats and figures highlight their efficacy. 90% of users have gone on to claim that seeing a video about a product is most helpful when they trying to decide over their purchase. This means that video can singlehandedly be the convincing factor you need to convert visitors into sales.  

Another statistic claims four times as many users prefer watching a product review video over reading about the product, when they are trying to purchase it. Therefore, if you are just presenting text-driven information about your product or service, then you are missing out on the preferred way of end-users.  

According to 70% of businesses to business marketers, video content is the most impactful and effective solution when creating conversions. For a marketer, conversion is an integral metric, as they are the first step of turning prospects in to customers. Thus, video has proven to drive these conversions.  

96% of business to business companies utilize video in their marketing campaigns. If you are part of that 4%, this means that you are drastically behind your competition. There is no other medium within marketing that lays claim to this type of effectiveness.

How to start the Process?  

Let us assume that there is a sound strategy in place that you can execute against. If that is the case, it starts like any other process, and that is creation. There are different video technologies that you can use to create modern video. Since 2014, video resolutions and storage requirements have increased drastically.  The US consumer today views more video content that ever before. In the coming future, video content will make up majority of the internet traffic. Therefore, there is no denying about video content and its increasing relevancy.  

Key Technologies  

There are many different technologies pertaining to video. These include VR videos, HDR videos, 360 degree videos and more. The most used video technology today include 4K videos, color grading and drone shots.  

4K Videos  

4K video is one that is four times the quality of regular HD video. In the professional video marketplace, 4K videos are becoming the standard. 4K video resolution is 4 times the size of normal HD resolution video that is 1920X1080.  

You can even capture 4K videos at slightly higher resolutions. Nonetheless, higher resolution videos do not have to do with shooter wider or narrow videos. Instead, it is about providing users with quality in the same frame which looks a lot better.   

Cost-saving Benefits 

Shooting with 4k allows for production offer cost-saving benefits as well.  You can simultaneously capture multiple video angles. This means that you can set up and capture a wide shot, and in post production, you can actually zoom in on the footage and create a close up or a medium shot.  

Traditionally with an HD video, you need to shoot with multiple different cameras to shoot different angles. Or, you would also have to spend multiple times to reset the camera and align multiple shots with different angles. Zooming in on HD videos compromises on the quality, while 4K videos stay stable even after zooming in.  

You can also still frame videos and repurpose them as photographs. These pictures can be extremely helpful in optimizing your marketing content. Anywhere you put videos, you will also benefit from putting pictures. Thus, instead of having to capture them separately, you can also capture them through 4K videos.  

Another cost saving benefit takes shape in the form of unlimited post-production flexibility. This means that you can create sliding or moving movements when producing the content. This is due to the wide angles that you can capture with the 4K camera.  

Color Grading 

Color grading is the method of getting optimal image quality out of footage. In the professional video industry, color grading has become a standard. It allows you to color grade your content in ways that give it more character and mood.  

With color grading, you can also achieve a much better final product image that helps make a huge difference. Overall, color graded forage helps make images come alive, and helps put out a professional impression for your company when social media marketing.  


A drone video involves flying professional drones that capture 4K videos at high altitudes. This helps you capture dynamic shots that have movement and life. Shooting with a drone also helps you add versatility to your footage and social media marketing campaign.  

It is not only meant for large aerial views, but also for showcasing numerous amounts of perspectives of your business. It can help provide customers with an aerial shot of your business vicinity, production unit, and more.   

Final Words  

If you want to use a mix of multiple video technologies for your business, then sign up with Epic Video Production Services. By doing so, you will be able to incorporate different types of videos to your social media market campaign.  

Epic Productions is unlike any other video marketing service, as it offers a multidimensional approach to video creation. Since they offer a wide range of services, you will easily find video marketing strategies that suit your business. Get a quote now by filling the online form.  


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