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Marketing for Optometrists: Fashion Eye Center Case Study

When it comes to optometrist digital marketing, Epic sees clearly what works and what doesn’t. We’ve had the privilege to work with a local Tucson Optometrist, Fashion Eye Center, for over 10 years. Through this time, we have become experts in marketing for optometrists. We see 20/20 when it comes to what customers want and how to reach them.

This marketing strategy for a locally owned and operated optometrist was designed with the consumer in mind. Creating a mobile-optimized website with creative content and advertising strategies to guarantee a smooth user-flow and sales funnel. Each goal serves an important role in the overall success of their marketing efforts.

In this case study, we break down how we created an optometrist digital marketing strategy through SEM and SEO efforts. From concept to execution, learn more about how we helped Fashion Eye Center stay ahead of competitors and bring in new customers.




Now, before developing an optometrist marketing strategy, our digital team pulled some numbers and did a bit of competitive and local research. Up against many nationwide eye care companies, we strategically find keywords that are highly searched and obtainable. Additionally, we do extensive research of other local optometrists in the area to see what they are doing and how we can do it better. We also find out a lot about what our customers are searching so we better know how to market to them.

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    Conduct a Competitive Analysis

    One of the very first steps in this discovery phase is to research what other optometrists are doing. We gathered the top ranked eye care centers in the Tucson area and compared them to understand what is working and where we can improve.

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    Understand Search Volumes and Trends

    This is one of the most important steps because in order to rank on Google and search engines in general, you have to choose your keywords wisely. The goal is to see who is in the market for what you’re selling; in this case, things like glasses, comprehensive eye exams, contacts or glasses. Not only that, but how and when they are searching as well.

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    Establish Goals and Objectives

    Fashion Eye Center wants to establish a brand while increasing awareness through relevant content. From there, we built the campaign and continued to monitor it as the optometrist marketing campaign grew.


Each of these tactics were built around Fashion Eye Center’s new brand and marketing goals. Centered around their new website, blogs, video, social media, online ads and email marketing created a foundation that has lasted them years. Digital marketing works best when integrated across multiple platforms. So, for Fashion Eye, we did just that. Covering all our bases, keep reading for the strategy we used and results we saw.

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    Mobile-Optimized Website

    As a local optometrist, their website is the first place people go to make an appointment. Therefore, we made a user friendly design and used SEO practices to rank the website high on Google. This led to 188% new leads to the website.

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    Blogging and SEO

    As experts in their field, we created a blog with useful eye care information. Writing optimized blogs with relevant topics increased organic traffic by 5,000 users per month. Plus, we build trust with potential customers, informing them before even entering the store.

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    Video Content

    To make the experience better for customers, we produced an animated video showcasing their eyewear products and services, housed on their website. This then led to over 12,000 views.

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    Social Media

    Interacting with the Tucson community was key. On social media we were able to share updates, show off products and services. Then, through consistent posting, they gained over 2 million impressions.

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    Google Advertising

    Using branded ads across the display network, we targeted potential patients in the area. We target specific demographics and track analytics to improve month over month, seeing patient forms increase by 16%.

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    Email Marketing

    By sending out monthly emails regarding store specials and product information, brand recognition and users to the specials page were increased by 80%.

Looking for a similar ideas marketing for optometrists? Have a similar business? The medical industry is just one of many that we have successfully executed marketing campaigns for. Explore more of our work and check out our YouTube page for more video production examples.

Every digital marketing campaign we build is completely customized to our clients’ needs. Let’s chat to get started on reaching your marketing goals.

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