BTS from the Banner Health Video Shoot

Production Techniques for Healthcare Advertisements:

At Epic Productions, we are committed to providing the best storytelling for your marketing needs. We specialize in crafting high-quality corporate videos that capture your audience’s attention, creating the type of video that best represents your brand. In the age of ever-changing digital technologies, traditional methods are no longer the only way to reach your target audience – that’s why we bring creative solutions to the table.
Let us help you connect with your consumers in a meaningful way. With years of experience, we have discovered the best tips and tricks for healthcare video marketing outlined in this blog.

Prepare for Production: Healthcare Advertisements

When it comes to healthcare video production, it is necessary to factor in the resources needed to ensure a successful final product. From monetary funding to staffing, every project needs an adequate allocation of resources to reach its full potential. Organizing these resources before the suggested shoot days and communicating the expected schedule with your team beforehand will increase the success of the final product.

Organizations, businesses, and individuals must take the time to consider the resources available and how they can be used to support the journey ahead. Money, of course, is a big part of the equation, but other aspects must also be considered. People, tools, and materials – all of these must be factored in to determine the level of resources and the likelihood of success. Taking the time to review these components of a project allows for a smoother production process.

Time is another resource that should be taken into account when considering resources for a project. The bigger the campaign, the more time it could take to complete. Setting realistic deadlines and ensuring everyone involved is aware of the expected timeline is critical to preserving the resources available and keeping the project on track. This is why it is essential to communicate with your team and create a schedule that works for everyone.

Find Your Setting

Finding the perfect setting for your healthcare video is key to having a unique and powerful video to send your message. Most healthcare advertisements tend to lack individuality, and it is easy to get them confused with one another. Our mission is to provide high-quality content that will separate your advertisement from the competition. The first step towards accomplishing this is determining the setting of your video. Having a multitude of people from your team speak in different settings within your business will increase the chances of keeping your viewers engaged throughout the course of the video.

Create the Right Tone

Creating your brand’s voice is essential to creating a successful corporate video. In healthcare videos, it is evident that the right tone can make the difference between effective communication towards a target audience and a random script. It is important to understand how the language will impact your viewers and the mood you are trying to create. The overall tone of your advertisement will create your brand. Accomplishing this will make your video memorable while allowing your audience to connect with future advertisements. Formulating a brand voice within your scripts will take practice, as every production period will differ. Scripts can always change as the production process takes off, so it is crucial to keep an open mind.

When you find your tone, it can be a powerful and invaluable tool in expressing your ideas. When speaking on a variety of topics, the levels of importance will vary. The speaker’s tone will help distinguish the underlying message they are trying to get across. The overall tone of your video can lead to a positive impression of your business, as people tend to form an opinion of an organization based on how it resonates with them.

Utilizing the right tone can help ensure that your message is communicated clearly and effectively and will ultimately help further your advertising goals. Being mindful of the tone you present in your scripts is a great way to get the most out of your healthcare video.

Delivering on the Message

With high-quality content, a smooth production process, and our diverse marketing knowledge, we strive to ensure your team’s satisfaction at every step. Epic is here to help your videos stand out and generate a consistent audience for your brand. By providing this uniquely tailored content, you can create an impactful and long-lasting relationship with your valued customers, leading to ongoing client loyalty and continued business growth.

Working With Banner Healthcare

We recently had the chance to collaborate with Banner Healthcare at Desert Medical Center. During our time together, we utilized these helpful tips to produce a video showcasing the amazing work Banner Healthcare and its team do every day. If you want to see what these tips can accomplish, we recommend watching the Banner Healthcare video.

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