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Branding Overhaul: Rebranding Strategy | Hot Rods Old Vail

Branding Strategy

The overhaul kings called upon Epic Productions to super charge their branding strategy in efforts to create a smooth operating rebranding. Hot Rods Old Vail located in Tucson, Arizona catering to an American tradition of auto and good food. Epic Productions set into overdrive rebranding their existing brand taking full advantage of our service menu, from website development, logo design and creative company video.

“Travel enthusiasts are 18x more likely to watch videos about restaurants.”

Brands need a good retuning every once in while, much like vehicles, over time branding loses its appeal. We popped open the hood to their current branding efforts,  observing overall performance,  strip down each component, dispose of the clutter and rebuild. First, we stripped their logo, providing a bright and vibrant appeal. Then, we took their existing website, tightened up the back end bolts and polished the front end appearance. Increasing the websites performance and optimizing online presence. Lastly, we created a video for web content that conveying their mission of an American pastime with a modern twist. Hospitality falls into the travel and tourism industry and most recently videos are attracting out-of-towner’s. Accordingly to a recent search engine study, travel enthusiasts are 18x more likely to watch videos about restaurants (compared the average YouTube viewer).

Hot Rods Old Vail is a unique brand that differs from all the rest, providing a tradition for generations to come in an nontraditional atmosphere. Check out some behind the scenes photos taken from their video shoot and check out their company video along with others on our video portfolio.

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