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Image Innovation On The Rise: Red Epic Camera

We have a new addition to the Epic Productions family, the Red Epic camera, technically referred to as the Red Dragon. A professional video camera used by some of the most prestigious film producers in this industry. Cinematographic magic has been filmed on the Red Dragon numerous times even including Oscar nominated movies:

  • Room
  • The Martian
  • The Danish Girl

Red Epic Dragon is a Professional Movie Camera

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  • movie
  • az movies

I suppose its only fitting to physically use this model for multiple reasons starting with the most obvious reason, its name. Secondly, lets talk about the undeniable 6K resolutions. Using 6K compared to 4K will dramatically modify the entire outcome. Ultimately, the goal is to capture, transmit, and store pixels and the higher this number is; the more pixels there will be, resulting in better quality content overall. We believe that using production gear of such great quality keeps us a step above the rest and the Red Epic camera is easily distinguished as a product for image evolution providing more detailed and pristine results.

One detail we always focus on for our clients is investing in production gear that will provide top-notch quality work and content. The technology and gear we use is not just seen as an investment, we view it as more of an opportunity for our clients because at the end of the day, it’s all about them and providing them with results that exceed their expectations. We’ve always been ahead of the game ensuring we use the latest and greatest gear of the technology and production equipment world.

We used the Red Epic Dragon on a recent shoot, which was aired during Super Bowl 50 for Arizona Federal Credit Union. The difference between using this professional film camera compared to anything else is simple, you’ll receive a cleaner image with more refined details. Here at Epic, we aim for the stars producing the best of the best work for our clients. The Red Epic camera allows us to be ahead of the game and provide professional digital cinema work closely tied to what you’d see on the big screen. It’s safe to say, using top of the line equipment results in top of the line content.

Epic Crew with Red Epic Dragon

  • red dragon camera
  • red dragon camera
  • red dragon camera
  • red dragon camera

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