social media recruiting examples

Social Media Recruiting Examples

Recruiting qualified employees can be a challenge for just about every industry. While there are many platforms, social media recruiting proves to be the most effective. Combined with a mobile site and quality content, social media recruiting techniques appeal and reach your market directly. There are many benefits of social media recruiting. Social media recruiting strategies allow for bold, unique messages to tons of viewers without breaking the bank.

Why social media recruiting?

First, we know that Social media recruiting techniques are sometimes approached skeptically because the ROI isn’t always clear. Yet when looking for employees, Epic’s social media recruiting techniques are proven to increase applications. In the US alone, 77% of the population has at least one social media platform. This means with a click of a button you can reach far more people for less money than traditional recruiting. Additionally, people want to see authenticity of a company and social media strategies allow you to do just that.

Through an integrated social media recruitment strategy template, we grab the viewer’s attention instantly. What are the key ingredients? Social media videos, professional photography, a mobile optimized website and a targeted digital marketing plan. Let’s look at some social media recruiting examples and see the results we got. Check out the numbers below that show the success of our campaign after just one month!

Applicants increased

Social Media Videos

The easiest way to grab attention on a social media feed is through video and images. Video is shared up to 1,200% more than images and text combined, which means more organic engagement on your content. Epic Productions stays updated with all the latest video marketing trends so that your content is sure to be on top and getting followers engaged.

Then, show off your facilities, department culture, mission and work ethic in a sharable video series. Check out this example of a social media recruiting video where we found a fun and creative way to recruit police applicants!

Professional Photography

Next up, the visuals! Social media recruiting best practices include professional, eye grabbing photography. The visuals of your company will be one of the first impressions with your customers and potential applicants. Make sure you put your best foot forward with Epic’s social media recruiting techniques. Our team of photographers and our award-winning art team only produces the best work for our clients.

social media recruiting examples

Mobile Website

social media recruiting examples

Lastly, your website should be the hub of your recruiting marketing strategy. This is where you’ll funnel audiences from all other platforms which is why it’s necessary that your website and campaigns are optimized for mobile. Approximately 60% of job seekers start their search via smartphones and tablets, so you want to make sure the experience is just as good on those devices.

Epic experts build websites from scratch to fit your exact needs. Let your company shine through a modern, engaging website and watch your applicant numbers soar.

Digital Marketing

Once you have a good inventory and presentable brand, get it in front of the right people, around the clock, for pennies. This is where you can see a direct ROI on your social media and digital strategies. Epic’s digital marketing team knows exactly how to make your social media recruiting strategies worth while.

We got you covered…

Social media recruiting strategies that work best are cohesive and integrated across platforms. Luckily, Epic is a full-service production company that builds recruiting marketing plans from top to bottom. You get one team handling all aspects to ensure the highest quality possible. So, reach out to our team today and let’s start building your social media recruiting strategy.

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    Full Service Video Production

    Start with a captivating video that encompasses your company to catch the eye of potential recruits on social media.

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    Next, build an inventory of high quality photos to show company culture and professionalism.

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    Web Design

    House all of your content in one, mobile friendly website that drives visitors to the application process.

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    Digital Marketing

    Finally, use strategic digital marketing practices to increase your reach and online presence.