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9 Social Media Video Marketing Tips

Social media marketing continues to grow year over year. A great way to engage with the community while promoting your business, social media platforms are a necessity in your marketing toolbox! Let’s look at some of the best social media video marketing tips.

First off, what kind of social media marketing strategy do you use? Even having a strategy built out might put you ahead of competitors, but what else could you do? The answer might be obvious… social media video content!

Building your brand through social media video marketing is how you’ll be able to stand out of the crowd. The bar keeps getting higher and higher for social media content creation. If you haven’t already, now is the time to incorporate video production in your strategy.

So, let’s go ahead and break it down. Here are some social media video marketing tips to get you started. Check each of these off and you’ll be on your way to a social media strategy that gains traction and gets results.

Using video grows revenue
faster than those who do not

Top 9 Social Media Video Marketing Tips

1. Set Goals

When making social media videos, start by making sure you know exactly what the purpose is. Are you informing? Entertaining? Building a following? Whatever it might be, decide in the beginning so that your goals are met. Having a video marketing strategy will also ensure you provide value in your social media videos for your viewers.

2. Check the Sound

Make sure you’re being heard — literally! It’s easy to underestimate the quality of video when it’s on social media platforms. Choose your music wisely and double check your words come out clear and articulate. You don’t want any extra barrier between you and your viewer getting the information you’re giving.

3. On-Screen Text

As viewers watch and listen, sound is vital. But, with that, not everyone keeps their sound on. In fact, 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Keep those viewers around by using subtitles. As a bonus, use on-screen text to peak interest and increase view time.

4. Tell a Story

We’ve all heard it before: tell a story. But it’s true! Social media is a source of entertainment for users. Humor and surprise are the things that will stop someone from scrolling and watching your video.

For Hayward Police, we made a series of funny social media videos to show a different side of the Department. Reaching viewers from the community and beyond, seeing police officers in flip flops sure was a showstopper. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your social media marketing strategy! Good video production offers many possibilities.

5. Grab Viewers Quick

Increasing views on your videos means grabbing attention as quickly as possible. You know the stat: you have about ten seconds to grab an audience and make an impression. This is one of the most valuable social media video marketing tips. Use those first few seconds wisely!

This humorous social media video starts out with a bang. In the first few seconds, viewers are interested and curious. This is the goal with video production and social media! Have fun with it, show personality and make it something viewers want to share with friends. That’s the ultimate way to improve your social media presence organically.

6. Have a Call to Action

Social media videos should be created with a purpose (remember tip number one?) to track your success. Encourage viewers to take action and then track conversion rates. This way, you can continuously improve and grow a following. In order to increase YouTube views, consider sending viewers from social media platforms to your YouTube channel.

Your social media videos should be fun and informative, like the video here for Odysea Aquarium. Create a sense of wanderlust for viewers and send them to your establishment with excitement.

7. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

With so many different social media platforms, one size of a video is not going to make the cut for all channels. Pay close attention to what size your videos are in the different types of video advertising you use. Check out this guide by Sprout Social to understand the social media video specs for each platform.

8. Light It Up

Fine tune that eye for detail! Good lighting is a simple aspect that makes a world of difference. Avoid backlighting and overexposure. Pay attention when filming your social media videos so that the editing process goes smoothly and your subject is clearly seen.

9. Long Story, Make It Short

Lastly, it might be hard to resist, but keeping videos short is a key to a successful social media marketing strategy. According to HubSpot, 56% of all videos published last year were under two minutes. For platforms like Twitter and Instagram, it’s even better to stay under 45 seconds. These short and sweet bite-sized videos are all you need to succeed on social media channels.

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These are some of the many social media marketing video tips we have found to be successful. Social media requires engagement, daily activity, and constant attention. In order to see results, it takes effort and consistency. However, adding social media videos to your marketing strategy will result in more impressions and engagement overall.

Stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing and video production trends with us here at Epic. We have a team of pros in everything from video production services, website design, digital marketing and more. As a film production company in Arizona for almost 15 years, we know just how to bring your project to life!