Tips On How To Build The Perfect Graphic

As a brand owner, you know the importance of making your brand memorable and trustworthy. One way to achieve this is by using graphic design. It helps create consistency and reliability for your brand. By using a consistent graphic, you can communicate your brand’s core values to your audience, making it easy for them to associate your products or services with your brand. Graphic design can also help convey your brand’s message and values. It’s an effective way to communicate with your audience, especially when words are insufficient. Your brand’s visual identity is crucial in building consumer perception and trust.

Another essential aspect of graphic design is color. Color theory plays a significant role in evoking emotions and responses from consumers. Different colors can represent other emotions, so choosing the right colors to align with your brand’s values and message is essential. A suitable color scheme can also enhance brand recognition and perception. Graphic design is a powerful tool for creating a recognizable and memorable brand. By using consistent graphics and a suitable color scheme, you can convey your brand’s message and values, making it easy for your audience to associate your products or services with your brand.

Design With Epic

Mike Ford, the creative director at Epic, creates powerful websites for Epic’s clients. Mike’s specialty is creating graphics that implement the company’s overall brand and grab the target audience’s attention. Mike believes the first step when designing anything is to understand the purpose of the graphic and where it is being used. “Having this understanding can drive the direction of the design,” Mike says.

Graphics aren’t just about catching someone’s eye; they can also convey important information. Different approaches may be necessary depending on where they’ll be used when designing graphics. For instance, street signs and billboards have limitations on how much information can be included. Too much text on a billboard can make it difficult for the viewer to read quickly. As Mike notes, having a clear purpose in mind and understanding the execution can go a long way in successful design.

Mike suggests that when designing for a specific brand, it is crucial to consider their brand colors to maintain consistency and enhance brand recognition. Factors such as desired emotions, existing product colors, competitor colors, and the company’s desired image should be considered when creating brand colors. “You don’t want to be using pastel blues and greens for a company that wants to portray excitement and energy,” Mike explains. It’s important to remember these factors to ensure that the branding accurately represents the company’s desired image.

Like colors, fonts can convey emotions and messages. For instance, Serif fonts like Times New Roman can give a sense of tradition or reliability, while Sans-serif fonts like Helvetica convey a modern and clean feel. Selecting a font that aligns with the brand’s image and can effectively communicate the necessary information is important.

“Understanding design principles will help you take your design from good to great,” Mike says. When creating effective graphic designs, proportions are a crucial principle to remember. By adjusting the size of elements, you can direct the viewer’s attention and create a clear hierarchy of importance. Making sure the most essential aspect is the largest can help guide the viewer’s focus and ensure they understand the message you’re trying to convey. Mike is a strong believer in design fundamentals… “Having a solid grasp of design principles can make your designs more effective and visually appealing. People are visual by nature, and creating graphics that capture attention and drive response sets the foundation for success in the advertising for our clients.”

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